Dryden Line Marking  operate Thermoplastic road marking  crews using BS approved materials to apply white and yellow lines, arrows, symbols, zebra crossings, and miscellaneous marking to asphalt and concrete surfaces.

Our professional fully trained team are based in the Humber region and operate for local  authorities and private companies


  • Thermoplastic road markings
  • Coloured surfacing
  • Anti skid / anti slip surfacing
  • Cycle & Bus Lanes
  • Safety markings e.g. in factories
  • General road marking maintenance
  • Disabled bays
  • Mother and child parking

Our range of services include :

  • Car parks e.g. hospitals and supermarkets
  • Schools and playgrounds
  • Sports courts
  • Cycle tracks
  • Zebra crossings
  • Footpaths
  • Demarcation walkways
  • Safe routes
  • Forecourts
  • Factory floors

Our road marking services are used by Hull City, North East Lincs. and North Lincs. Councils, and various Humber Bank industries